Spin-Offs/Finding Buried Treasure in Corporate Discards

Are you interested in learning about an area of the investment universe that is ripe with opportunity for investors willing to do their homework?

As “Value” investors, we are always trying to uncover investment opportunities where we can buy one dollar of intrinsic value for 50 cents. The stocks we buy are typically ignored by Wall Street and out of favor with investors. We characterize our approach as “buying straw hats in the winter.” 

Several areas of the investment universe that have proven to be very fruitful to KM and our clients have been spin-offs, post-bankruptcy reorganizations and other corporate restructurings. Our experience has been that these restructuring events often create market inefficiencies allowing us to buy at a significant discount to our evaluation of intrinsic value.

We recently published a white paper,

“Spin-Offs/Finding Buried Treasure in Corporate Discards.”

The paper contains:

1. Explanation of spin-offs and why they create attractive investment opportunities
2. Citations of academic studies
3. Real-world proof of outperformance
4. Examples of successful spin-off investments for KM and our clients

We think spin-offs and other corporate restructurings will continue to be profitable. We hope after you read the paper you’ll better understand this area of the investment universe and why we find it so attractive.