Personal Investing

Straight From The Source
Kirr, Marbach & Company, LLC (KM) has a long history of working directly with its clients and their trusted advisors to deliver outstanding, long-term investment performance and the highest level of service, while always placing their best interests ahead of our own.

Hiring KM to manage your investment portfolio is made easy with the help of our Client Service Team.

Learning About You
First, we sit down with every new client to determine an appropriate mixture of stocks and bonds. While investors should view their portfolio’s target allocation (mixture) of stocks and bonds as part of a long-term strategy, it is easy to adjust the mixture in response to changes in the market or your own financial situation. The KM Client Service Team is there to help you every step of the way. 

We then assist you with funding the account. Whether the account is transferring securities from another institution or you simply deposit cash, we work with the account’s custodian to ensure a smooth beginning to your KM relationship. In the case of hiring KM to manage an account held at a brokerage firm, we will work with your advisor to complete all the necessary paperwork.

Building Your Custom Portfolio
Management of your portfolio is handled entirely by the KM Investment Team which is led by Managing Director and portfolio manager Mark Foster, CFA. Every client account is managed using individual securities. Furthermore, we believe it is vitally important to perform our own intensive, fundamental research when evaluating portfolio candidates.

Once the account is established and your custom portfolio has been constructed, we keep you informed about every aspect of your account’s performance. From monthly statements from your account’s custodian which show you each and every position in your portfolio, to quarterly performance reports to personal communication with the Client Service Team member assigned to your account it is our goal to exceed your expectations.